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Michigan Water Transport has been in business for 34 years.

It all started with Dwight Wier in 1981, he was a milk hauler from Lapeer, MI who would take milk to the creameries in Detroit, MI.  He needed a backhaul so after they would sanitize the tank, he would have them fill it back up with water and deliver water on his way back to Lapeer, MI.   As the dairy industry started to change Dwight made a shift in business from hauling milk to hauling water.  In 1986 the purchase of Wier's Water would be the long-standing continuation of a water hauling.


In the years since acquiring Wier's Water, we have seen many changes both on a company level as well as industry changes. Throughout these changes, some things have stayed the same.  Our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers.  Our continued growth and evolving to the changing standards set among the transportation industry.


In 2016 Chasity Ferguson stepped into the position as the current Owner & President.  As the 3rd generation to own and operate Michigan Water Transport and still commited to the same excellent service.  

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